The Restaurant

Our cosy seafood bar is located in Stora Saluhallen ”The Great Markethall”, the pride of Gothenburg when it comes to gourmet food and delicatessen. Choose from a great variety of fruits from the sea, cooked with inspiration from all four corners the world together with classical recepies from the Swedish west coast. Welcome to stop by and enjoy these tasty treasures of the sea! 

The Bar

Delicious seafood demands delicous drinks to fulfil a truly gastronomic experience. Let our carefully selected vines, beers and drinks accompany your meal, or if you will, just enjoy a glass or two to add that silver lining to your day.

Our lunch

Tarde venientibus ossa: Only bones remain for those who are late. Not a bad thing, actually. To cook a really tasty fish soup it is necessary to begin with a nicely cooked stock from fish trimmings and bones, seasoned with love, of course. We serve a variety of lunch courses daily, often based on the catch of the day. Visit us and enjoy your lunch here, or call 031-13 13 02 and order it ”to go”.      

Our Store

The Great Markethall in Gothenburg dates back to the late 19th Century. Since then people have been able to get the most delicious food available under it´s beatiful glassed roof. This is, of course, a tradition we will maintain. Choose from all sorts of fresh, selected fish and shellfish, to cook and enjoy at your home. We also offer different exciting inlays, garnishings and knowledge to help you succeed with your cooking. Welcome and bon appétit!

Opening hours

From 10 PM Monday – Saturday.